Your Local Feed Store

Your Local Feed Store

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If you’ve lived anywhere remotely close to a rural or agricultural area, chances are you’re lucky enough to have a local feed store, not a chain, a small business owned by a local family. I was inspired by Arrow Feed and Ranch to write a blog about this small town treasure. I’ve been helping with marketing for the last couple years and am happy to say, I’ve learned a lot about small towns, feed stores, and genuine people. Throughout the article, I’ve included testimonials given by Arrow customers.

Arrow Feed will be celebrating 20 years in Granbury in 2017.



Meet owner and operator, Patti Shafer. She’s the loyal matriarch of the store and always has a solution to your ranching and farming needs.



It’s a family affair. You’re sure to find a Shafer somewhere in the store when you visit. Patti’s husband, Larry, is the tall gentleman that hardly every forgets a face and always thanks you for your business. Sarah, her husband, Patrick and her brother, Blake, along with both of Patti’s grandchildren all do their part to keep the business running.


“Always seems like that it’s a family thing complete with kids.” – R. Sims



Arrow Feed is everything you want in a local business. Customer service comes first, down to remembering the brands you like and loading your vehicle for you. They are adamant about carrying Texas made products from furniture to honey and soaps, to treats for your pets. Have a specific product you need, but they don’t carry it? Just tell Patti, she’ll order it for you. She keeps an entire wall in the store for special order products.

“Always amazing service and knowledgeable employees!” – A. Blackwood

“Great lawn and garden, as well as animal needs, that guy, Travis, is always helpful!!” – A. Roiz

Arrow Feed 42Arrow-Feed-24



Small town businesses seem to always have a special way of celebrating the holidays and Arrow Feed is no exception. Be on the look out for a giant hay roll scarecrow in the fall or Christmas tree display in December.

“The folks at Arrow Feed & Ranch go the extra mile…You know the holiday season is upon us when you pass Arrow.” – D. Fethke





Arrow is a great local source for lawn and garden, as well as local produce. When you’re looking for help to get your garden started, they care and they’re knowledgeable. It’s so awesome to have that kind of resource right here in Hood County.

“My favorite is when the vegetables arrive ready for garden planting. You always have great advice for the appropriate products for any lawn or garden issue.” – J. Narducci



Purchasing your seeds locally gives a greater chance they’ll grow well in this region. Patti always keeps these stocked, and lawn and garden man, Travis, is always prepared to answer any questions you have about gardening and farming year ’round.



I can’t help but mention the baby chicks and ducks every spring. We all look forward to that!

“…Great customer service, quality products, love the animals and I want chicks when you have them in.” – S. Roberts



Local feed stores often have pets on staff and Arrow Feed is no different. You’re sure to be greeted by their own pets when you arrive. Patti and her daughter, Sarah, often answer questions for me about my dogs. They carry reliable products for your ranch animals, but also for your pets at home. I don’t happen to own livestock, but I still head to Arrow for all my dog’s food, toys, treats and all.

“I love the service and seeing all the animals” – J. Wilson

“My kids love coming in to see the bird. I like the black dog that asks me for a treat when I go in to purchase treats for my dogs.” -M. Thompson

Rest in peace, Dixie. You were the sweetest feed store greeter there ever was.

Arrow-Feed-22 Arrow-Feed-21 Arrow-Feed-2


“I buy my bird feed there, corn for the geese and sunflowers for the songbirds. I love the friendly people and the feed store atmosphere, reminds me of feed store from my childhood. I love that some things don’t change.” – T. Nappier

“I love Arrow Feed and Ranch, been your loyal customer since the day you opened.” – D. Fethke

The testimonials continued to pour in about how friendly and knowledgeable the staff is and the comfort people find when visiting. It’s like visiting an old and loyal friend. It’s what small business should feel like, the feeling of relief that comes over you when you take a break and trust someone to help you. It’s simple, it’s good, it works.

Cheers, Arrow Feed! Here’s to another successful 20 years. Don’t change one bit 😉