Arrow Feed Enzymatic Rawhide Chew- Small

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Product Description

Dental home care is vital in the prevention of periodontal disease. It is also a key factor in the lasting effect of professional dental cleansing. You can help delay the first professional dental cleaning with appropriate dental care at home starting as early as possible in your pet’s life.

Arrow Feed Enzymatic Rawhide Chews are made from carefully selected beef hide that is cut and cooked before being coated with a palatable enzymatic blend. The enzymatic blend contains Glucose oxidase and Lactoperoxidase that help maintain the natural antibacterial salivary system.

  • The abrasive texture of the rawhide chews also have a mechanical cleaning effect on teeth
  • The regular use of Arrow Feed Enzymatic Rawhide Chews help prevent plaque and tarter build up, keep the mouth healthy and the teeth clean.
  • The palatable poultry flavor makes them a real treat.

For dogs under 11 pounds, give one small chew daily.

Resealable bag of 30 chews.


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